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Proposal, Production, Implementation

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Type AFloor: The floor is made of white laminate.

Walls: The back wall is 3 meters high, made of wood, painted in white. Side walls are as well 3 meters high and painted in white. The superstructure on the sides is painted in blue and will be in the shape as shown in layout.

Warehouse: The warehouse is located behind the back wall. The dimensions of the warehouse are 175cm x 150cm. The warehouse is made of wood and painted in white. The doors are located on the right side of the warehouse, open inwards and are lockable.


 Type A  Type A  Type A  Type A  Type A

Inside the warehouse will be placed:

  • Mini fridge
  • Kettle
  • 3 shelves
  • Coat rack mounted on the wall
  • Thrash can
  • Multifunctional socket with 3 outlets
  • 1 Coffee pack
  • 1 pack of Cane sugar
  • 20 Paper cups
  • Water dispenser with cold and hot waterd


  • 6 HQ white lamps
  • 26 white spot lights

Open space – Furniture:

  • 2 round glass bar stools
  • 10 white bar stools
  • 1 brochure rack
  • 1 white leather sofa with three seats - 190cm long
  • 2 white leather armchairs
  • 1 white or glass table
  • 3 decorative plants
  • 1 plasma screen with USB connector - 42 inch
  • Espresso coffee machine


  • 1 multifunctional wall socket with 3 outlets
  • 2 sockets in meeting room
  • 1 socket with 2 outlets at the Espresso coffee machine